I’ve had the exquisite blessing of spending the past 20 days at a friend’s home in the countryside just outside of Brussels.  Though I knew the company would be superb, fun times would be had and enjoying the gentleness of the summer air would be divine…the surprise I didn’t anticipate is the gift of Fuji.

Being a bit more of an indoor girl, admittedly walking through forests, dodging spider webs and getting my shoes wet has not been my morning ritual of choice.  That is, until I met Fuji.

With impeccable communication and persuasive abilities the best of politicians could only hope to achieve, here’s a view of how my days in Belgium begin:

Time for a morning walk through the woods


My husband, not entirely pleased, yet rendered equally powerless to Fuji’s persuasion…


The plant kingdom in all her glory…the majesty of this tree reminds me of a curvy, glamorous, full-bodied woman


A little playfulness at the start of the day does a woman good!


Gratitude. Noticing the formerly unnoticed ways all of nature and the Universe works to support  us and create a beautiful habitat.


Enjoying the morning ritual of “being”

Strength + Power + Courage + Love. = Tree Wisdom


No words needed, just: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…


The morning walk feels sooooo good to my body.


Back “home”…thanks Fuji!

Morning Rituals with Nature & Animals:

1.  Do something in nature.  Smell the roses on your way to work, take a 15 minute walk around your neighborhood, have lunch in a park.

2.  Animal love.  For those of us who have four-legged friends, this is easy to do.  If there isn’t a tail wagging when you go home, offer to take a friend’s dog for walk, or make time to visit a neighbor with a cat.

3.  Gratitude.  If you feel lost, alone, unsure, or separate from much of humanity…take a look around at all in the Universe that is working for you and your good.

Have suggestions?  Leave a comment below about your favorite morning rituals with nature and/or animals.

Much love,

Gina DeVee


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