My husband and I had a great weekend and are still in Europe–Brussels to be exact and we’re, enjoying every minute.  

Want to know why we’re loving life?  It’s probably not what you think.  Travelling and working is not a vacation.  It’s a lifestyle. 

And like any lifestyle, unless you have some structure, routine, groundedness and order in your life, it’s impossible to be supported in your feminine energy and thus, impossible to be successful in any area of your life.

One of the reasons Glenn and I do life so well together is because we regularly communicate our desires and needs to each other.  It’s not that we don’t have our issues, it’s just that through loving, compassionate and non-judgmental communication, we move past the blocks together.

Whether or not you’re in a romantic relationship, as a woman entrepreneur, it’s critical that we set up systems, structures, routines and ways of being in the world that support us and our visions…so that we can support so many others.


In today’s Gina DeVee’s Divine Living international radio show I’m going to be addressing:

  • The traits of a powerful as a feminine woman entrepreneur (Queen vs. Princess)
  • Why planning and taking time for yourself is more generous to others
  • How to ask for what you want without feeling guilty
  • The necessity of forgiving yourself for your many mistakes
  • Ways to feel safe and experience greater connection in friendships and community


Replay link of today’s call is here.

Please “like” this Tweet this and spread the word to other women you know.  Looking forward to being with you on this important call for us all.
Much love,
Gina DeVee
P.S. What areas in your life would you like more love and order in ?  Leave a comment below.
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