On the train from Prague to Budapest

After taking the train from Prague to Budapest, Glenn and I arrived in the city center, and I immediately was enamored with the powerful vibration of this stunning metropolis.  I don’t know how else to describe Budapest, other than the Eastern European version of Rome.  I had no idea.

My friend, Zoltan Konrady, made reservations for the three of us at the famed Bock Bisztro…this favorite among locals usually has a 3-day wait list so make your reservations early.

Bock Bistro–Budapest


What you’re about to see is my 9:30 p.m. dining/entertaining/so-much-fun-it’s-ridiculous first night in Budapest. 

WARNING:  To any and all health fanatics–some of the following content may be offensive.

Glass covered wine cork dining table


The one and only Zoltan Konrady of Konrady Foods


The highest quality of Hungarian smoked ham


Hungarian goose liver…divine on crusty bread.


Your basic Hungarian “sampler platter”–scrumptious.  Though not for the faint of heart.


Time to get up and stretch before the main course…hanging with the accordion player seemed like the right idea.


Stuffed guinea fowl. No pun intended.


The Hungarian version of the “floating island” dessert


More deliciousness!


Tobacco ice cream. Yes, I said “Tobacco Ice Cream”–it was luscious.


I hope you enjoy this series on Hungary & Budapest. 

Please leave me a comment about which course offended you the most.  I’ll look forward to reading them as soon as I complete my half-marathon.


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