If you’re like me, you have a dream for your life and career, that is bigger, broader and more you than what is currently happening today.  Maybe you see yourself on TV, or as a best-selling author.  Perhaps your dream is to own a clothing line, or all natural make-up products or come up the the latest (and needed) tech gadget.

One of my dreams is to own a specialty foods boutique–shocker I know.  Until I have my own Divine Living (TM) storefront, I’m obsessed with other foodie entrepreneurs who have already made their flagship food stores a reality. 

Meet my friend, Zoltan Konrady of Konrady Foods, and welcome to his specialty food shop in Budapest, Hungary.

Visiting my friend Zoltan Konrady’s specialty food shop in Budapest


Zoltan imports, Joselito products from Spain, what many consider to be, “the most delicious ham in the world” http://www.joselito.com/eng/elalma_espiritu.htm


A view from the case: meats with wine pairings…brilliant!


For those who are in the mood for white meat…


Bring these on a picnic or add them to a charcuterie tray


Now, over to the pantry part of the store…

Salt with Black Truffles


Beautiful egg pasta from Italy


Love this! Just add this peach mix to Champagne and voila…a bellini!


Next, Zoltan took us over to his bakery for breakfast…

I enjoyed this elegant macchiato


Great men waiting for their breakfast.  (My husband on the left, Zoltan on the right)


Breakfast course #1


Breakfast course #2


 And then, the grand finale!


I’d love to hear what your entrepreneurial dreams are.  Please leave a comment below and share you with the world!

Much love,

Gina DeVee


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