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My International Coaching Program For Women is an exclusive in-depth program that will give you credibility as a high level coach in the transformational coaching and service based community, as well as the confidence to coach all types of people and get clear about who you are and what you have to offer in this amazing and fast-growing industry.


This is the time for women to thrive to lead from a feminine perspective. We don’t need to pound the pavement and be overly masculine. As we allow ourselves to evolve and step into miraculous zones and allow miracles in our lives, we get to live out the most glorious unfolding of our story…This Academy is for women who are claiming it all in our lives~ becoming masterful coaches, having a great lifestyle, making an abundance of money, charging our worth and have a positive impact in the world and to be confident and clear about what our purpose is and what we have to offer.

It’s time for women like us to get really good at this coaching work. The world needs a healing and change and cannot wait for us to think that someone else or another industry is going to bring about the changes on the planet we’d like to see.

We know that how we change the world is by changing ourselves. The biggest global impact we can have is by healing ourselves. When we are healed then we walk as different role models for those watching us and then they have a different view of what’s possible for them.


gracekellyCoaching with Gina DeVee has transformed my business and my life. In the first 60 days of consulting with Gina my business went from a couple of clients to 10 regular high-end clients and a whopping $45,000 in revenue! Never have I seen such tangible progress in a coaching program.

Gina’s coaching style also helped me awaken greater clarity on my niche, service and the ways in which I love to work therefore creating fast momentum in my biz and visibility from high-end business brands like Forbes.

She also helped me tap into my truth where lifestyle is concerned and because of that I’m now hosting intensives internationally and living in the most beautiful home in Italy.

—Grace Kelly,


The Purpose of this Coaching Certification Program:

This coaching certification program is designed for two main purposes. The first, to develop you to be a masterful coach and train you to be confident and effective in transforming people’s lives. The second main purpose of this program is for you to build a business so that you are really well supported financially as well. This is putting an end to being really great at what you do and not being supported financially.


What’s in the Coaching Certification Program?

Wealth Consciousness (and your money story transformation):

wealthmasteryWe spend a lot of time on this subject because it’s that important. When you get freed from your money story and you get this issue transformed you are free, empowered and have the ability to fund your dreams. Your dreams matter to me and I take a stand for them.

You deserve to have a healthy and abundant relationship with money. In this coaching certification program, you will identify your existing money beliefs that have kept you from moving forward, how to transform your relationship with money, and discover changes in mindset are needed what actions you need take or not take to generate wealth based on feminine principles.

In this program I dedicate a number of modules to transforming your money story because money influences almost every area of your life.

You will see that by receiving this education on wealth, abundance and money mastery that you will not only generate a generous and consistent income, you will also experience a level of freedom that very few women on the planet have ever accomplished.

When you have a mastery of your own wealth and your relationship with money, it isn’t just going to help you in your life… it will impact all the clients you work with in the future.


Personal Excellency & Personal Development:

spiritualRemove the uncertainty and clearly identify what is near and dear to your heart. This is going to become the foundation of your personal growth and success. This is where you explore how your personal life intersects with your professional life. The process in this program will enable you to create a business that fits into your life, reflecting your values, your strengths and what you have to offer.

If you want to be great at anything, you are your instrument…so you’ve got to become great at being you. Anything that has held you back, limited beliefs, or behaviors that don’t serve, anything that has kept you stuck, broken, insecure or in shame, or having low self esteem will be addressed and healed. We are developing you. If you want the best personal development seminar on the planet, start your own business. The development that will come from going through this program that I’ve outlined will have you so rock solid in who you are that you won’t have energy leaks on am I good enough or am I worth it and do I fit in.

These are low level ways of thinking and being that aren’t of interest to anyone, let alone you. You deserve to be at the highest vibration possible.


Coaching Mastery:

coachingmasteryLearn the Gina DeVee (GDV) unique Psychological and Spiritual Style of Coaching that supports clients in making true transformations.

From that place of you having you so exquisitely developed, then we go into coaching mastery. I have been educated in humanistic and clinical psychology, and I’ve studied with some of the world’s most amazing mentors, I have transformed my own life and I’ve worked with thousands of men and women all over the world.

I’ve developed my coaching skills and added them to my natural ability and not it’s my great joy and privilege to share with you everything that I have been taught, everything I’ve learned and everything I’ve developed.

Coaching mastery is one of the skills I’m most proud to have developed. Imagine never being concerned…”can I help someone?” “Can I help this client?”, “Can I help someone transform their life?”

This coaching expertise that is in me gets to the place of transformation every time, no matter what. Of course that is IF someone’s available. And to know when someone is available or not is part of being a masterful coach. So all of those questions about, “Can I really help someone?” will be eliminated by participating in this program because you will know exactly what questions to ask, you’ll know exactly how to be there with someone, you’ll know exactly when to jump in, and when to hold back, when to let your client speak, and when to help keep them from taking another detour.

I will share with you that in this program, you’re not going to get any scripts. It’s not my style. You will get homework assignments, you will get modules, you’ will get training packets with information…and it’s important to know that this level of coaching mastery comes from the core of you. You’re not going to be looking over your shoulder, or flipping though notes…you’re going to have it so rock solid in you, and that is a gift you give yourself and a gift you give your clients.

In this program you’ll learn how to connect and develop your intuitive skills to deepen your coaching ability because intuition is the bridge between the outer sensory world and your inner unconscious beliefs running the show.

Together we are going to remove your personal blocks and redefine your own self-worth because it is your programming, your fears and limitations which directly affect your success as a transformational coach.


Business Building & an Online Presence you love.


You can’t be a successful coach and have a huge impact in the world without the right business structures in place. In the beginning, I wasn’t a big fan of setting up business structures, however I also was not a big fan of being broke either.

So knowing exactly which internet structures you need set up, exactly which business systems you need in place to be a highly successful transformational coach, is something that you will have built by the end of this certification program.

You’ll gain deep clarity about who you desire to serve as your ideal client(s). Knowing your unique tribe allows you to easily develop a marketing message that clearly communicates what you offer, the value, and why that person should work with you.

If creating high-end packages excite you, you’ll learn every detail you need. You’ll also learn how to move from offering single sessions to providing full packages of services that allow you to customize and personalize your approach and stand out in the industry.

Because your on-line presence is a necessary component to the success of your business. We will help you create a website that will provide a space for you to communicate, to express your brand, your message, sell your products and services … all in a way you feel great about and love.

We’ll also ensure your marketing and images are a direct reflection of who you are and the benefits you deliver to your audience through your website, images, social media, sales pages, blog, opt-ins, and emails–these are all in-depth trainings you’ll receive in this program.



communityMy program is so much more than just another coaching program. This is about creating a sisterhood of women from all over the globe…It’s about creating a massive shift in the transformational coaching industry and bringing huge, positive changes to the lives of women from every nation.

During this year together you will consistently be supported by a community of high vibrational women entrepreneurs that hold you to a higher standard and reflect your greatness while you make business and personal connections that last a lifetime.

You are not going to be doing this alone. It is time that we global women entrepreneurs get to know each other. If you think there’s any lack of clients out there for you…tap into the global marketplace! If you think there’s any lack of support out there for you…tap into the sisterhood that’s in this Academy. Being in a global community gets you out of voluntary isolation. You will be mentored every step of the way, and you will have sisters to grow with. You will have new clients to connect with. And allowing yourself to be a feminine woman entrepreneur in the community – trust me, it’ll make all the difference for you.

We are going to travel together and learn how to use feminine principles in your business to increase productivity and lifestyle enjoyment.

Private Facebook Group: Meeting new women and having a place to interact, ask questions, share wins and network is key to your success, so we’ve created a private Members Only Facebook group just for these program participants.


How The Academy Works

Program participants can do this program from anywhere in the world as I have designed this coaching certification course to include the best of my 15 years of transformational coaching experience, plus my wealth and business building experience..


  • 2x/month you’ll be sent video modules, with substantive packets of materials with me teaching core components of everything you need from wealth consciousness, business building, personal development, the coaching mastery etc. (Approximately 60 minutes)
  • 2x/month you’ll witness and listen to me facilitate live coaching with real clients and then “deconstruct” the sessions. This is not a canned program. These are not fake case studies. You’ll hear me coach these real clients on their lives and businesses and then I’ll “deconstruct” the coaching session so that you will know exactly the way my mind thinks, why I asked a question, why I let someone speak, why I jumped in and redirected them, how I said what I said in love, how I set a boundary. Everything I do will be explained in those coaching deconstruction session. (Approximately 90 minutes)
  • 2x/month you’ll be able to ask me your specific questions live! You can write in your questions or be on the live Q&A, you have twice a month direct access to me. Getting your personal and specific questions answered is very important to me, that you and I are connecting, especially if there’s something that needs customized for your field or brand. And of course these Q&A sessions will be recorded. (Approximately 60 minutes)

From anywhere in the world, on your own time-frame, whether you’re a busy mom, in a full-time job, or already a successful entrepreneur, I’ve designed this program to be flexible and work for you so that you can watch the modules in your own timing, do the homework in your own timing and listen and re-listen at your leisure.

For your planning purposes, this program will require about 10-12 hours a week.


Multiple Global Live Events with LiveSteaming!

Multiple global live and very chic events are included (for no additional charge) in your coaching certification program throughout the entire year so that you can come and meet me live, as well as your other sisters in the program. These events will cover coaching trainings and be so much fun, rewarding and meaningful!

If travel doesn’t work for you, not to worry, all of the events will be LiveStreamed so you can watch them in the comfort of your own home and won’t miss a thing!

Big Enough yet Small Enough“: I am limiting this program so that you have a “big” and abundant community and a vibrant new network of friends and colleagues, however I personally like programs that are chic and boutique and that have a “high-touch” element to them, and therefore I’ve designed this program as one I would love to attend. Rest assured there will not be thousands of women in this program and no one will get lost in the crowd. Over the course of a year, you’ll be able to meet amazing women and get known yourself in a group of this size.


The Coaching Certification Process

Your Divine Living Coaching Orientation

To begin in a feminine way, I have created a time and space for you to prepare yourself for this amazing experience before the official program begins. Starting 2 months before the program, you will be given mindset trainings and business support calls as materials to assist you setting your life and yourself up for success when the coaching modules begin. When you register for this program, we will get to work right away with you establishing structures that will allow your creative mind to flow more freely and business operations to run more smoothly, ensuring your dreams become a reality, take hold, and flourish.

Too many women jump right into programs, without the proper preparation–it’s like a runner starting to run without stretching first–it doesn’t take good care of the person. That won’t happen to you! With the Orientation modules we’ve created for you, plus live calls and worksheets, you are going to get everything you need to start preparing to build a foundation without having to worry about feeling overwhelmed or unprepared.

  • Setting Yourself up for Success
    First, you will get a sense of what you will need (time efficiency, a schedule that makes sense, proper support etc) in order to set yourself up for success and avoid falling into overwhelm. You don’t need to have it all figured out to start the process, but you will get started putting the most important foundational pieces into place, ensuring a solid footing upon which to build.
  • Time Management
    When you create a customized schedule that works for you, you will embody positive habits, stay on course and experience the natural growth toward your declared life dreams and business goals. That is why one of the first steps is to help you manage your time so you can gain control and freedom. 90% of women entrepreneurs don’t have this–and it shows! You’ll be one of the few working smart not hard.
  • Business Foundations
    In order to be truly successful, you need structures for your vision, mission, and business endeavors… especially for those you will be creating in this program. That’s why we’re going to provide you with the jumpstart tools to aid in your business building and remove the uncertainty and fear from the financial planning process.
  • The Art of Coaching
    Coaching is a powerful process uniquely designed to create lasting change… and together we’re going to introduce you to the many options you have and different styles of coaching available for you to become a master coach. We’re going to cover the skills, the models and you are going to learn the different approaches to coaching so you will be able to create your own style that is deeply rooted in knowledge.
  • 3 Live Calls with Gina DeVee
    Before we even start we are going to make a close connection and start our training together. We are going to have 3 live calls so you can get your questions answered, start meeting your classmates and ready yourself for this amazing year together!
  • Monthly Worksheets
    I believe that in order to really learn, you need to take action. This is why I’ve created monthly worksheets that allow you to organize and implement your orientation training into your own life… so you can see your own growth, build your confidence and start taking steps to making money and building a business that you love.


What You Walk Away With from the Coaching Certification Process

  • You will become a confident and masterful coach who is well-skilled and talented at facilitating transformation in people’s lives.
  • You will transform your relationship with money by developing yourself and increasing your wealth consciousness so that you are clear and comfortable on your own rates and can consistently create financial abundance.
  • You will have built a successful business foundation that will enhance your femininity – instead of draining it – with structures & systems that support your custom created business model & desired lifestyle.
  • You will deepen your spiritual connection so you have a strong and clear intuition that will assist you in guiding your clients and making excellent business decisions that support you.
  • All while you are developing your confidence so that you live a truly empowered life without insecurity, fear, anxiety, chaos, indecision – and eliminate those “I’m not good enough” feelings.
  • And you will finally take a stand for “having it all” and become available to receive all the blessings that are coming to you.


ChristinaMorassiI started not knowing how to turn my gifts into a successful business. Gina DeVee helped me uplevel my wealth consciousness, create high-end programs & I made multiple 6-figures in my second year of business!

Gina DeVee is a master at helping you to think bigger for yourself.

In fact, I call her the “Uplevel Steamroller” because your uplevel is inevitable when working with her.

—Christina Morassi,

KatharineDeverWorking with Gina DeVee is an expansive and luxurious experience where you can dive deep into your desires and discover what could be keeping your from realizing them.

I especially appreciate the amount of support and care that I felt when she was my mentor and I was going through a huge transition in my life of becoming a mother. Gina DeVee helped me get clear about who I wanted to be as a mother and what I needed to do in my business to my true to my heart- a great gift indeed.

I honour the courage, integrity and faith with which Gina DeVee lives her life and fulfills her mission in the world and I recommend her to any woman committed to leaving the stories and dramas behind her to be all she can be and live prosperous and purposeful!

—Katharine Dever,

Is this your time?

Is this your time to step into your power and transform you money story?

And do it in a way that you are creating a business that you love – and actually making money doing what you love – this is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

I don’t know of any other program that has such a deep track of modern-day, real-to-life coaching experience. Plus we’re going to create such a solid business foundation that has all of your structures in place and all of your systems in place and a web presence that you love. So you can start earning money even before you finish the program.

Plus you will build global connections within a sisterhood of feminine women entrepreneurs who know that lifestyle is crucial to your own success and happiness – and stand unapologetically in that.

The women in this community are all about having it all… and we are going to have so much FUN together!

This community is only for committed women ready and willing to do what it takes to transform their business, and life.

This program comes with a “no refund policy” because I want you to know that every woman in this program is just as dedicated as you to upleveling their lives. There are no “on-the-fencers” in this community. Because I believe how you do one thing is how you do everything…and this program is only for women who are ready, willing and READY for transformation.

But they are also still finding their way… just like you.

And that’s perfect because I don’t want you to leave any part of yourself on the back burner or keep it secret. I want to help you fully develop yourself in a way that brings everything about who you are front and center. I want you to become such a powerful player in the world so you can make a difference in your own life and the lives of so many others.

If this is something that is calling to you… and you are ready to become one of these amazing women who is thriving and succeeding and getting all these great results. Then it’s time for you to decide if this is right for you.

I’d love for you to join me on this journey and become part of the sisterhood.

Are you ready?


Gina Devee Divine Living Contact us with any questions at